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The encounter with teaching in the pursuit of my dance career has indeed brought me unexpected and inexplainable satisfaction. It is a rewarding experience when a student shows even just a tiny improvement or the embodiment of his understanding into his movement. The more students I came across, the more I realised dance is not a privilege only to the experienced dancers, but indeed to any person. With a vision to promote the practice of art, I hope my classes not only could enable the students to master the movements, but most importantly, to experience the beauty and the essential value of art in our daily lives. 

Classes include Ballet for Beginners and Non-Beginners, Contemporary Dance for all levels, and Yoga in gentle style.







Thinking yourself maybe too late to start learning ballet? It is not the case. Ballet is not something very hard to approach but very beneficial to your inner muscular training, posture correction from daily life as well as balance and coordination.

If you have had ballet training before and looking for practices to maintain your skills, you will have what you need here as well. 

Looking for trying something new to give yourself a bit of motivation or vitality? A contemporary dance class will not disappoint you. It allows you to experience the freedom and expression of dance and also increases your body and spacial awareness. The class is designed for people with or without any dancing background. All levels are welcomed.

In a modern bustling life, it is important to find a time of calmness, stillness and tranquility in order to achieve balance of life. Through practising yoga along with some breathing meditation and gentle movement, you will be able to find a peace of mind and a happy and healthy body.

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Cybil is very professional - her high calibre training is evident even to a ballet newbie like me. The class was focused on technique and ballet basics, which was perfect given the last time I did a ballet class was at the age of 2 :) Thank you!

Ellina Astakhova (U.S.)


A wide range of private classes, including ballet, contemporary dance and yoga, are offered by appointments. For details and class rates, please click the button below for direct contact.

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Apart from studio and private classes, online classes of ballet, contemporary dance and yoga are also available on Zoom. Each class will be 1 hr long, costing HK$150 for a group class and HK$200 for a one-person private session. All you need is a small space to move, a chair as barre for ballet and a yoga mat. For further details, please reach out by clicking the button below.

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If you are living in Hong Kong and are interested to take part in my classes, you can pay by using the mobile app PayMe.

QR code is provided below for your scanning.


If you are living outside of Hong Kong and hoping to join, you can pay with the PayPal link here: (Also applicable to students who do not have a PayPal account. No processing fee will be charged.)

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* Please make sure that you take good care of your own health and take classes according to your own body condition to avoid injuries. 

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